Blue Moon Summertime Sadness

Music, language, culture, the trail of crumbs leading back to the evolution of human cognitive function. Lullabies may have been our first discipline or subject of learning, as sound sleep proved to offer great advantage for survival in a changing world.

The crumbs leading back to the time all we had was strength in numbers, no structures, no institutions, but plenty of time to observe the stars in relation to the cycles of nature and the relative positions of landmarks and watering holes to the map in the sky, and the effects of those environmental elements on the different personalities. All we had was each other, and we built up great numbers on those connections. It was certainly a lot of work, so, it’s understandable how some would try to solve that problem by taking physical distance, and some by taking emotional distance, or a compromise in between the previous two choices. Then, a gap was invented between the physical and metaphysical, between material and spiritual, reason and emotion, music and sound; separations that only exist in the observational, analytical, categorizing, labelling, never satisfied human mind, accumulating data without considering that reality will have changed by the time you have a statistics report ready. Numbers have a place in nature, but everything has its uses ( positive) and limitations ( negative sides). Numbers can’t keep up with our changes.

What can we learn from that? The way the Internet brings us together around the globe proves that we can communicate and collaborate with people who have different world views, if we’re committed to the objective – to the project – and passionate about what we do with our lives, what we conceive, create and share. We can adapt to almost anything, even cataclysmic snow storms. We’ve embodied the wisdom of nature in so many other ways throughout history, dating as far back as we can still deduct based on the few anthropological clues left in our DNA, and we can continue doing that to find beauty, truth and heaven inside us, not try to build it on the outside.

We trace back to who we were. from who we’ve become, and make conscious decisions and choices that define who we are, in the mind, by living each moment aware of ourselves, without letting that build into paralysing anxiety and self consciousness.  The same way as a species, through the fabric of time space, while building new concepts and practices that better reflect the present situation, with the need to balance environmental maintenance( before we destroy our source of food) and divide the resources in a way that those who don’t need it don’t sit on it as the ones who need it to live are dying from deprivation.

Oh, yea, July will have a Blue Moon ( a second full moon within the month) on the 31st, it doesn’t happen very often. Which is sad, summertime sad. But it’s ok. I can make peace with that.

PS. I’ve been playing house shows and collective houses, and those are semi-private, with event invites being sent to friends, and friends of friends on social networks. So, these shows do not appear on my feed, but maybe your friends have friends who are taking music and art back into their own hands, and creating modern village communities of people who really care about each other. It’s fantastic! I recommend asking everyone you know, you won’t regret it. You’ll have a party to go every weekend where you see people who are cool and genuinely glad to see you and share time, laughter, food, music. And honest opinions, clean from the music industry’s greed, you know? I get to talk about this stuff I just wrote about because it affects my personal life, not because it’s what’s popular on mainstream media surveys.

I also recommend walking around naked in your living room. (Kudos to who can connect what these lyrics reference have to do with the text ; ) XOXO, See you around!

DIY All the Way

Summer is just around the bend, yo! I’m super excited about it, sunshine really puts things under a new light!

Making music independently is a lot of work, tho, and I’ve been comparing it to teaching for a while, I think it has a lot in common. Long hours, lots of people, a need to be super committed, self motivated, dedicated, and constantly work on balance in all realms of life, and take really good care of your whole self, as you are your instrument and the music and art coming out of you depends on your internal state. Some lines draw very fine, others blur, and some times you get to color outside the lines, which is the best reward for all the sacrifices.

I’m setting up a tour, and on the 5th year of Summer Solstice Workshop Series, and it’s been intense! . A lot of coordination with musicians and venues, promoting, planning ahead and updating plans, and I’ll be recording all my shows and release a live record at the end of Summer. Like everything in life, this is a learning experience that requires constant adaptation and a lot of effort. And it takes on a life of its own, and you just want to keep creating. It’s very rewarding.

It’s like being in love.

In loving memory of Donna Sobieski.

Septober- Octember

September came and went, October is near the end, and I’m blissfully busy with playing music.

I had meant to write at the beginning of each month, and I’ll keep trying to make that a thing, but honestly, I’d rather be playing! The vision keeps evolving, though, and it will all fall into place, in due time, I’m sure. For now, I just thought I’d take the opportunity to express deepest sincerest gratitude to all that motivate, influence, feed me affection and faith that make up the stuff of my music, and my life. You are numerous like the stars, and the sand on the shore, but you are always in my heart, even when you can’t fit in my head!

Krishna has the universe in his mouth, and God spoke the universe into being, as in the beginning there was the word, and this dynamic is reflected also in other cultures, with a little variation in details. Likewise, we speak our culture into reality and thus create the situations we dream up, little by little, in ways that are mysterious and unpredictable, but it works- it simply works. Knowing that fact can make it happen or break the spell, life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forward. And to be patient, argh! It takes strength, perseverance, wisdom, and specially good friends.

They are the touch of reality on your skin, reminding you that the mind is embodied, and on the other side of the coin, what isolates you, owns you, and you are meant to be free. We all are, it’s a great privilege, a gift worth more than life itself, and specially sweet when shared, like love.

My heart goes outwards to you, all… you know who you are. Much love, you rock my world.

August Rush

Last month, I posted a Youtube playlist of all the videos I managed to record for the first year of conceptualizing and organizing my life around music performance. You can really see the trail of breadcrumbs there, if you follow this blog and read this journal of mine, these thoughts I’ll put down each month. My birthday wishes, last year, were for music to bring me good fortune in all aspects of life. There is something about birthdays we don’t talk about much: The dissection of the feelings of love and fortune we get with every hug and wish for a happy birthday. This year, I’m also wishing for fame, it seems, at the subconscious level, as it surprised me with this phrase, so overused in our culture, to the point of being invasive and obnoxious: fame and fortune, when I sang Across the Border this past Thursday at the Common.

These days,  fame is synonym of celebrity, the mainstream culture and industry’s cult of personality and the general public’s clamour for a feeling of intimacy with such inspiring people- to put in euphemistic terms. The pattern, however, has been recorded since Ancient Greece, and is simply our way to motivate a behaviour through positive reinforcement. On the community level, being recognized and encouraged for your work is delightful! Entertaining your friends is wonderful, bringing people together to maintain social connections that are so important to us, humans; We are social animals, with widely varying social needs. And we all have our value in the human ecosystem, even outside the mainstream culture and economy. I’m not aiming for celebrity, I am not an aspiring musician, I am not mainstream. I’m just committed to my art, welcoming what it will bring me, and wishing for love and fortune.

Here’s the video for the Out to Lunch spot this last Thursday, July 31st.


Fern Nanda Acoustic Live on Youtube

This is a playlist of the videos I have on the web at this point. They’re were all shot last year, and are not to the standards I’ll take them this year, but you’ll get an idea of the atmosphere and feeling of my performance style.

my shows are interactive, somewhat free form, with dynamic interpretations and transitions between songs, fun and engaging.