You never know when someone is saying something because they practice it, or because they’re working on change and balance, or trying to adapt. Everyone is in a constant see-saw between what was and is no more, and what is and will soon change. Communication is simple, but we complicate it so much… So, the more complex a system, the harder to adapt it to the present reality. Not impossible, but a lot of work.

I’m working on a language workshop, tree years worth of notes. It would’ve taken God knows how long, I’m glad I grew up playing music. I read it over and it falls into place like magic. Well, more like music. After all this time I can see the nuances of it, that was a lot of work breaking it down too. So worth it.

I spent the day with Riley, she’s 6 months old. Yesterday, I had the opportunity to see how fast she changes. Today, how much she already knows of her schedule and environment, and how she already communicates her needs and thoughts, if you know how to read her signs. I’m really happy to join her in this reciprocal learning quest. We’re on a flipped classroom!

Oh, but this post started because iTunes is offering me songs to buy based on music I’ve been googling. I do think there’s a mathematical aspect to our evolution, an algorithm playing itself out between geologic, meteorologic, sociological changes, like the theory of everything. I just think it changes so fast and thoroughly that we can’t keep up with it, and as much as the mainstream tries to slow down sociological changes using a mass distraction machine to make use of institutions and structures they’ve invested into, those structures will still topple if they’re not flexible or can’t be reconfigured, like language, like music, and like people.
So, as much as I love to take cues from the music that naturally and mathematically comes into my life, I’m also glad to know what it means based on context, even if I must interpret it as a koan, or even flat out reject it until it comes into the right perspective. That is freedom, it’s a little wiggle room within subjective reality. It is partly free, and partly deterministic. Part of a cycle that can be expected, like the stars, but that surprise us still, like a new meteor, from time to time, because there’s so much we haven’t experienced enough times to make out the pattern. The outer sphere of awareness.

Riley is experiencing that in a smaller scale that is expanding in incredible speed… (That sounded like a line from a comic…) I think one day we’ll teach kids because they want to know, naturally, like it was before compulsory education, but still using the best of both worlds. We’ll learn to calculate pi with fractal broccoli, out on the garden. By age 15, they’ll keep inventory like they’ve been raised in a bakery, and administering resources will again be second nature, without the confusion of trying to learn a skill or trade in an unnatural method, locked up in a drowsy room that offers little stimuli, little direct connection to the world. I think she’s treasure, like my nieces and my nephew, like all the cutie patooties I know. They’re working all the time to be amazing, they’re doing a fantastic job!!

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Reset the Net

There’s no power like the people’s power.

The Blog

A year ago today, we joined the world in shock on learning that governments were spying on internet users around the world. Tapping internet service providers’ undersea cables, intentionally and secretly weakening encryption products,  surreptitiously collecting everything from call metadata to photos sent over the internet by US citizens — nothing was off limits.

Just as troubling as the revelations themselves is the fact that since last summer, little if anything has changed. Despite a lot of rhetoric, our three branches of government in the United States have not made many concrete steps toward truly protecting citizens from unchecked government surveillance.

Automattic has been a strong supporter of efforts to reform government surveillance. We’ve supported reform legislation in Congress, and participated in the Day We Fight Back, earlier this year. More importantly, we aim to make our own legal processes for securing the information our users entrust to us…

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Quantum Jump

How fast the sun progresses the winter firmament.

Myself, with a cool head, finding me firm steps ahead.

Eventually, metronomes do agree on a moment;

even now, I exist as living proof of that fact.


How dense this matter I consider, sense and mind

To condense an event in a matter of 12 rhymes

And to fit it in measure, rhythm, and cadence

What the seed in me believed in all its innocence.


When you focus and meditate with eyes wide open

All forms begin to shape shift, wonders unfolding

Nothing so unanimous that can’t be broken.

If anything, perfection isn’t everything in life

Yet we still follow the all-ambiguous signs


Why, we must ask; the more we test the more we learn

Freedom is power, the fire within will burn

splitting and re-creating, evolving ever new

In time, we all find, nothing real except for you

Truth is always right, but it wraps around the wheel.


I brace myself, knowing the snow down there is soft

trusting all tangents will come together by then.










*20 verses, divided by 5=4, by 4=5; 12 syllables+12 rhymes=24; two prose verses at the bottom, no conclusion. How, how, when, why and I. Idealistic, realistic, universal, relative, free form. Time, weather, astronomy, astrology, physics, philosophy, geometry, music, abstraction, myth, syntax, humanism, spirituality, metaphysics, genetics, ecosystem, multiple context applications-meanings, cross-references, etc.

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